The Sole Show will be a one of a kind sneaker, art, and fashion based event in Tampa, FL on April 14th, at the beautiful Rialto Theatre. We are proud to announce that we will be teaming up with Soleciety to make this event possible.
The Event will run from 12PM - 5PM and is open to all ages.

The Sole Show exists to provide people with opportunities to learn more about the sneaker culture, have a first hand look at what fashion brands in the Tampa area are doing, and ultimately improve their businesses and products. The event will host  30+ vendors and countless creatives. Vendors from the sneaker, art, and fashion worlds will be present. This event has been curated for all the creatives to not only be surrounded by like minded people but also to network amongst fellow artists and business owners.



As of this moment here is what you can expect out of The Sole Show (will be updated weekly)
• 1 sneaker will be raffled for this event. Stay tuned for the announcement. (Raffle tickets $5 each)

11 #SoleFacts will be located between vendors around the venue. Each #SoleFact will have a question attached to a sneaker.
The first person to answer all 11 questions correctly on the back of the event pamphlet and turn it in will win the #SolePrize.


If you are looking to purchase an admission ticket to the event click here:


For more information on how you can be a vendor visit here: The Sole Library Vendor Slots
To see the full packet click below:


If you are interested in our sponsorship opportunites please visit: The Sole Library Sponsorship Opportunities 
To see the entire packet for tier breakdown click below:


• There is no age limit for this event.
• All tickets and vendor tables are non-refundable and non-transferable. All sales are final. 
• You will receive your event wristband at The Sole Show admission booth on the day of the event. All attendees must present a photo ID to receive their event wristbands/passes. 
• We are not liable for any lost or stolen property/items. Please do not leave your merchandise unattended.
• We are not liable for transactions between individual attendees and vendors.
• We do not tolerate unauthentic, B-grades or variants. If you see or suspect a pair, please bring them to our attention so we can have them removed from the event and banned from future shows. We will always suggest getting multiple opinions about the authenticity of any items during a transaction. 
• Event attendees are allowed to carry 3 sneakers in hand when entering the venue. Additional charges apply past your 3 sneaker limit. 
• Prohibited items include but are not limited to dollies, hand carts, bins, duffle bags, rollers, and boxes. (This does not apply to vendors) 
• There will be security on site so please be respectful of the venue.