About Us


The Sole Library's mission is to organize the world’s sneaker community and make it easily accessible in an efficient manner.


1. Focus on the customer then everything else will fall into place

The Sole Library has been made to serve the members of the sneaker community. Every decision we make is tailored to your convenience. We aim to provide consistent and reliable service to all that need it.


2. Inform and educate 

Everything we post on our blogs or Instagram page serves the purpose of educating the reader. If we can shine light on an area of the sneaker industry that an individual was not aware of we feel that we are properly contributing to not only their growth but also bettering the sneaker community. 


3. Constant innovation

Through the use of the current technological advancements that we have access to, we aim to bring an efficient system that unites the sneaker community and makes searching for the product you want much easier. In due time we plan to combine all aspects of sneakers under one roof.


Our Promise:

As a new member in the sneaker selling market, we aim to provide items in a great condition for an even greater price. The Sole Library customers do not need to camp outside of stores or wait around with crossed fingers for raffles, preorders, lotteries, and/or RSVP alerts. If the item is in stock, all customers have an equal opportunity to purchase them.