New Air Force One represents Uptown New York

Street fashion has taken over with brands like Off-White leading the way. Here we see Nike following those footspteps with the release of the Air Force 1 Upstep. The sneaker will be releasing in both red and black colorways with homages to its rich New York history displayed throughout.

Let's review some of the details:

  • The large white arrow that can be seen on the side of the sneaker is a representation of New York Subway signs and the arrows that they have pointing you to where certain trains are.

  • The heel of the sneaker has the words "Uptown" on it. That is there because people would take the uptown subway line to the stores that were selling Air Force 1's.

  • The insole on the red pair has a graphic on it that represents the subway line map

The confirmed release date for the red pair is August 9th. As of right now the black pair does not have a release date set in stone but keep an eye out for updates from us on that colorway.

If you're looking to buy this sneaker on August 9th you can buy them here -> Nike Air Force 1 Upstep 'Uptown'


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