Air Jordan I Original Colorways


The Air Jordan I could see some of it’s Iconic sneakers see the light in 2016. Only the OG aged collectors really remember all the Air Jordan I original coloway’s. As we all know the Air Jordan I was released in 1985 after Nike decided to make Jordan the face of the young company. The first sneaker Jordan wore during his rookie campaign was the Nike Air Ship.


At the time Nike’s basketball sneaker's all had a similar look to them. The Nike Blazer, Air Ship, Air Force 1, Legend and a few other's all had a similar silhouette in the 1980’s and the Peter Moore designed Air Jordan I would follow in the same foot steps. A very close look to the Nike Dunk High, released the same year, the Air Jordan I stays true to the Nike Basketball look of its time and represents where Nike was as a company as it looked to find the one thing that would launch them above the other top sports sneakers of that time. When the Air Jordan I was released, the popularity of the young high flying rookie had started to take off. The Air Jordan I was the sneaker to have once it was released and Nike took advantage of the access to a new demographic. Nike released 23 color ways of the AJ1 making colors that were themed for NBA teams and college teams.

To this day there is still more then 10 AJ1 color ways that have not been given the retro treatment. Collector’s everywhere want to start seeing unreleased color ways of many sneakers get the retro treatment as Jordan Brand looks at a possible future of releasing more numbered signature Jordan’s that don’t have the same history and allure as numbers 1-14. How do you feel about the Air Jordan I? What sneakers do you want to see released?





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