Why the Number 45 maybe more important then the 23!

    When Michael Jordan released his famous "I'm Back" phrase to signify his return to the NBA it came with a new basketball jersey number. MJ himself explained the significance of 45 in his autobiography For the Love of the Game. Jordan first used the 45 playing baseball while retired from the NBA. Jordan actually wore the number 45 while playing basketball in high school along with his older brother who wore the same number but on the varsity team. Once Michael made it to the varsity team he had to change his number choosing to divide 45 in half, 22.5 and rounding up to 23. Interestingly he used the same concept during the 1992 Olympic games adding 4 and 5 together to wear the number 9. Not wanting to wear the same number that his father last saw him in he decided to come back with a fresh beginning wearing the now famous 45. He only wore the number for 22 games changing back to his legendary number 23 on his 23rd game back from retirement.

    The Bulls paid $25,000 for each game that Jordan wore the number 23 since the change was not approved by the NBA costing the franchise a total of $100,000 at the end of the season. The uniform change was a violation of league policy and the Bulls were reprimanded heavily by the leagues front office. Jordan says the steal by Nick Anderson in the 1995 playoffs lead to him changing back calling it "Bad luck".

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