March 24, 2015

The Sole Library

For a little over a year The Sole Library has published what could be seen as a mini blog on Instagram. We felt like we wanted to provide a place people could go to not just see what was the next hot sneaker release coming to retailers. A place that would also provide a history of this new age art. The Air Jordan 1 was the first post we published in November of 2013. I felt like when we look back at the history of sneakers we know the story of how Nike was started, we even know that players before the arrival of Michael Jordan had sneaker deals and fans would happily grab a pair of Magic Johnson endorsed Weapon High Converse. The Air Jordan 1 had a message that no other sneaker released prior could communicate to people. Sneakers became serious, the sneaker became a canvas for creative minds. Each Air Jordan released pushed the limited on what the mind could do with this new canvas. It caused the birth of a culture that added to the many things in this world that could connect strangers who might wait in line to get their specially crafted sneaker. So here we start upon a new journey that welcomes everyone to share our passion to provide all the knowledge possible behind your favorite sneaker.

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John Steens
John Steens


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