March 24, 2015

Is Kanye West the King of Sneakers?


What do you think about Kanye West the first time you played the College Dropout? Maybe that wasn't the first time you were exposed to Mr West but think back to your first impression. Compare it to today's Kanye West, the artist, the designer, the visionary, the father and for us the most important title King of the sneaker game. Bold title to give him you might think. Why is Kanye West is the most important figure sneakers today? People have lined up for Kobe's, Lebron's, Foamposite's and of course Air Jordan's. Until the hype over Air Yeezy's started no other brand was highly sought after the way Air Jordan's have been. The real test was his switch from first place Nike to second place Adidas. So far the Yeezy name has carried it's weight. What do you think about Kanye's place in the sneaker world? Did you get the Yeezy Boost?

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John Steens
John Steens


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